Book review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Fact: I was given this book as a present. Fact: I don’t know what they were thinking. Fact: The book is too big to fit into my handbag. She began reading the first chapter, her eyes skimming over the name Robert Langdon. Great, now I’m always going to think of Tom Hanks whenever this name … Continue reading Book review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

What happens when you clean up your website…? find some old book reviews that could probably benefit from seeing some daylight. That's right, I've given my website a good spring clean and a makeover (after 3 years!), moving my book reviews and some articles to this blog in the process. This means that all my subscribers are about to be bombarded with … Continue reading What happens when you clean up your website…?

“Expect the flu whenever you finish writing anything big.”

At the recent Society of Authors North meeting, we listened to Simon Brett tell us about the activity of Trying To Write. This was interspersed with gems about how a writer can look around the house and pinpoint which work paid for which bit of furniture, and the things you buy when you should have … Continue reading “Expect the flu whenever you finish writing anything big.”

Shout out to bubblecow!

There’s a wealth of information out there for people trying to write non-fiction books, and the best advice was given to me for free, and through some interactive wizardry from Gary Smailes at Up popped at little dialogue box that said ‘Hi, you know I’m right here!’ and so we had a little ‘chat’ … Continue reading Shout out to bubblecow!

Writer’s rant

After a hoohaa about World Book Night, I sat down to watch the coverage of it on BBC and ended up having a rant about...well, you can read it yourself at The Asian Writer. On the writing front, I am exactly one quarter of the way through writing. Ooohh, get me with my checklist...

Mon dieu!

Came back a few days ago after teaching in France for a week, and am beginning to get into the groove of writing again. One of the emails alerts I received was for the annual Franco-British Council short story competition. Stories should be inspired by one of the following quotes: Words are loaded pistols. Jean-Paul Sartre … Continue reading Mon dieu!