Shout out to bubblecow!

There’s a wealth of information out there for people trying to write non-fiction books, and the best advice was given to me for free, and through some interactive wizardry from Gary Smailes at Up popped at little dialogue box that said ‘Hi, you know I’m right here!’ and so we had a little ‘chat’ … Continue reading Shout out to bubblecow!


Mon dieu!

Came back a few days ago after teaching in France for a week, and am beginning to get into the groove of writing again. One of the emails alerts I received was for the annual Franco-British Council short story competition. Stories should be inspired by one of the following quotes: Words are loaded pistols. Jean-Paul Sartre … Continue reading Mon dieu!

Bye bye Borders

In the last week, we've walked away with 4 carrier bags of books from Borders (£200 is nothing for a family of bookworms) before they finally padlock the doors. We've watched the shelves of Borders get picked dry by people, like ourselves, eager for a bargain on every type of book imaginable. Slowly, the stock has … Continue reading Bye bye Borders